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PLANE CO. has enlisted you to fly one of the many planes in our fleet. Guide your plane through THE TUNNELS OF TERROR in order to find riches untold - and finance your next expedition with PLANE CO.

The empire thanks you for your service!


  • Left and Right arrows to turn your plane.
  • Up arrow to use your boost.
  • Down arrow to trigger your air-brake.
  • R to go back to the beginning of THE TUNNELS OF TERROR.
  • F to toggle fullscreen.
  • V to take a screenshot.
  • P to pause.

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Published 1 year ago
TagsArcade, planes, Time Attack

Install instructions

No need to install, captain. Just open the game and it'll run.


PLANE CO.exe (2 MB)


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Hey, I just want to let you know, that you have made a great game, that I would love to play more of, if you plan to expand it.

More is coming!